Wesley Wesley quite contrary your garden didn’t grow

I love gardening but I don’t start many plants from seeds cause the squirrels around here a vicious little hungry beast that will eat any seeds you puts in the ground and space is limited on my patio to put a bunch of started pots where they won’t be in the way. I got it into my head a few years ago that I wanted my son and I to grow sunflowers, after not finding them in pots at the store I decided to buy some seeds and start them on the patio and plant them in this whole little garden section I made for him.

Always research plants before you plant them. The back of the seed packets have all these great instruction on planting time, spacing, and height. What they didn’t say was sunflowers don’t transfer from pots into the ground very well. So now my sons garden is filled with dried up shriveled brown plants that don’t resemble sunflowers at all. To save my son from thinking this is all his fault I had to go to the store today and and but more seeds and figure put what went wrong the first time. So glad seeds are cheap. Not so happy after researching that we are going to have to plant them in the ground and I am going to have to find some way some how to keep the hungry little beast from eating my sons garden and having him wonder why his garden didn’t grow yet again.

The good news is he is happy to play in the dirt again and I was able to convince him the shriveled up sunflowers are not his fault plus I found a backup plan if the squirrels eat the next planting the store had some that can live in pots.

The bad news is if I don’t deliver him this awesome sunflower garden I got him all hyped about a month ago he will think he is a “baby plant killer”.


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