Fantastic Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day was a journey through ups and downs. It started off with my son deciding to climb in bed with me in the middle of the night. I only have a twin sized bed and he is a pushy bed mate, who kicks and elbows me. He has gotten very adept at how to sneak in without waking me. He sneaks in like a ninja and then falls asleep only to pull his karate moves on this poor unsuspecting Mommy. Since this happens when I am at the deepest part of my rest, the most I can usually muster is a mumbled “Your hurting your Mommy please go to your bed.” 

When morning finally came I was a little sleep deprived and bruised but I got a “Happy Mothers Day Mommy!” and a big hug before even getting up out of bed. I got a beautiful necklace, earrings and a sweet card before I ran off to get a special breakfast for my Mom and I, Wesley decided he just wanted cereal.

It was wet and and it looked like it might rain at this point and I had a little boy bouncing off the walls. I kept  feeling like I was going to have a heart attack, since every few minutes my son tried to climb something or nearly smacked into a wall.

It finally cleared up outside so we went for a surprisingly relaxing bike ride. Wesley listened and I did’t have any problems handling riding my new bike.( My adventures relearning how to ride a bike will be revealed next posting.) 

When we got back I had to save bugs from my son who in an effort to see them in his new bug playground I got him earlier this week, was shaking, twisting and slamming the container around. I am the champion of the rolly pollies I saved them all from certain doom and a terrifying angry giant.

Wesley decided to go in and play video games giving me time to relax and read. He stayed quiet and didn’t bombard me with endless questions like usual. He really tried hard to make it a special day for me.

When my Dad got home from work we all go out for dinner and my brother even made an appearance. Wesley actually ate almost all of his dinner. That hardly ever happens he usually finds something wrong with every meal. 

After we got home getting him in bed provided its usual challenges. I swear my son is spring loaded because, every time I put him in bed he bounces back up before I get to his door. He did this for about forty five minutes till I was pulling out hair and I swear steam comes out of my ears when he does this it really feels like it does. When sleep eventually claimed him I sighed with relief and pass out exhausted but happy.

By the way in case any of you like the necklace this is the address for the jewelry store. This an amazing lady who makes these and I think its cool you can customize a lot of the stuff she sells to fit what you want.          


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