We Have A Monster In Our House

I have to buy socks yet again. I have always had to continually buy more socks. Why? Well we have a monster in our house. He is a sock monster. I have never actually seen him but, you can tell when he has been by. The sock drawer will suddenly be empty.


You might try and tell me that maybe they are just misplaced. Perhaps they are stuck in the dryer. Neither would explain it. The amount of socks my son and I are missing in total would fill several trash bags I am sure. You see the sock monster started visiting before I had my son.

My son was upset with him this weekend. He wanted to go out and we couldn’t find any clean socks just three pairs of dirty ones, waiting forlornly in the basket to be washed next. He decided to hunt the sock monster. It didn’t matter what it took he was going to get his socks back.

ImageHe is so sneaky. My son was prepared with a net and bravery to face him. He searched all through the house. For a moment he thought he saw the elusive beast. Alas he was never found. What was I going to do? I had a little boy desperate to go outside and run off energy. I handed him a pair of socks out the basket, asked my mom to watch him outside, and went to replenish my stock of socks. The load of laundry could wait till I returned and the dirty socks could join the others.

Will he visit us again? I certainly hope not. The next time I check the dryer will tell. for if he has been there socks are sure to be missing.Image

If you are reading this dear sock monster I have a plea to you from my son.”I need my socks back, don’t you have enough already? Please please  bring them back to my drawer. I won’t be mad I promise.” One thing is for certain though, wherever sock monster is he is happily enjoying the socks we miss so much.Image

I hope you are happy sock monster. One day we will find you. Then your reign of sock stealing terror will be over.


14 thoughts on “We Have A Monster In Our House

  1. Sock monster ? I think this is too simple an explanation . It may be a government conspiracy . It all may be coordinated by the clothing industry . Can it be a plot orchestrated by the psychiatric community ? I haven’t got it figured out yet . ( I have a single sock bag . It’s full . They are all hopelessly waiting for their lost mates ) .

    • LOL. Possible very possible. My solution for the missing matches has been to start buying only one color sock. That way at least if I have only two left they match no matter what.

    • I have never really thought about writing a book. Honestly The fact that so many of you guys have liked what I have written so far has really shocked me. Thank you.

  2. The sock monster is alive and well in my home also. This one likes little socks best as my son’s socks are the ones most effected by this evil creature–

    Your blog is amazing by the way!

  3. Such cute illustrations! I’ve definitely encountered the sock monster at college….or maybe other girls just feel like stealing my socks and nothing else XD
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’m really enjoying reading yours! 🙂

  4. Ah, the Sock Monster…We’ve seen him around a time or two. Our solution? Wear mismatched socks. My kids don’t even care anymore. If there are 2 clean socks, let’s wear them and call it a win. LOL Great art!

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