The Little Red Crayon

I always check my sons pockets, well almost always. There are those times when things are hectic and I forget to throw a load of wash in until eleven at night. On those nights I am usually already in the bed when I suddenly jump up with the realization that my son needs a certain item of clothing the next day.


This was one of those nights. I put the laundry in the washer and went to bed. Now I had the opportunity to check the laundry again that morning however, that is more than I am capable of at seven in the morning. At that point I would call myself more half dead than half asleep. In any case I missed all opportunity to find it. That small little red crayon that meant destruction of the clothes in the laundry and despair when I opened the dryer.

I opened the dryer and I sank to my knees and cried. The crayon had melted and it covered everything. Angry pinkish red splotches were on uniforms, pajamas, and worst of all my clothes, and I had no idea how to remove melted crayon from clothing. You see I hadn’t really bought many clothes for myself since I had my son. I had at that point just bought some new pants and shirts because I had lost weight.

Have you ever had one of those moments where something bad happens and in your head you just no there is no way to fix it your life is ruined forever. I had about twenty minutes sitting there thinking that before I slapped some sense into myself. I had ten minutes to get my son dressed and to school.  I sighed and gave him the crayon splattered uniform. “Mommy will find a way to fix this Wesley, but right now I don’t have time. I am so sorry.”

Thankfully that was one of my days off. Now I wish I could tell you all I found a fool proof method to remove the stains. I didn’t. Pinterest did give me a way that was supposed to get it all out. It just got most of it out. after two cycles. It was enough to save the uniforms and to make most of my clothes wearable again. I learned the hard way to always check my sons pockets, it will save me a ton of work if I do.

Here is the link to the Pinterest article  I found. I hope no of you have to go though this too but ,if you do hopefully this will help.

* I have pictures for this post but I am having trouble with uploading them  to my post. They come out all cropped and with little lines through it. If anyone who reads this knows how to fix this please let me know. I would really like to get the pictures loaded in here. Thank You.*


8 thoughts on “The Little Red Crayon

  1. Awesome advice. I haven’t found crayons. I’m sure I will one day. My biggest issue is with Kleenex. I check and its hidden away in the deepest corner and well. Surprise snot rag confetti!!!

  2. My sister and her son came to visit a few years ago. We had a glorious day with my mom – just her two girls and her two grandkids. We took picture upon picture rolling in the grass outside. I uploaded them to my computer and then…technical error? user error? act of God? All the photos were gone. I almost threw up. I still feel sick when I think about it today.

    We’ve all been there! Crying on the floor for spilt milk. I lost the pictures, but, hey – I’ve still got the kids 😉

  3. I’m so sorry. I completely understand about your new clothing. I mostly have Kleenex to worry about. Once however a pack of gum was left in a pocket. That was a nightmare to remove it from the dryer. I had a meltdown then remembered the old trick of using nail polish remover.

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