“I Won’t Fire Anybody”

My son has a best friend. I will refer to him as Gator Boy. They don’t go to school together so every other week they get to spend the night together and go out to dinner. Last weekend the conversation between the two was just too weird.



Gator Boy was going to open his own bookstore.

“Wesley you can work there too.” 

“Can it have a McDonald’s inside?”(The boys had wanted to go to McDonald’s)

“No! I don’t want to sell food Wesley.”

“But all the bookstores sell food.” 

“You mean coffee. They sell coffee Wesley not food.”

“Well sell food at your store.”

“No, and I won’t sell coffee either. It messes up the books.”

Now I could see the conversation was getting a little heated so I tried to placate my son.

“Wesley Why don’t you open a restaurant next door to his bookstore.”

Gator Boy Answers really quick” He can’t have his own store he is my employee.”

“Yeah Mom Gator Boy is going to be my boss. Don’t make me get in trouble with him.”

“Wesley don’t worry about if you mess up I won’t be a mean boss. I won’t fire you.”

“See Mom I should work for him.”

“In fact” says Gator Boy.” If someone messes up I know exactly what I will do.”


My son was happy Gator Boy was happy and they had solved the worlds problems. I just sat there shaking my head. You see I remember when I was growing up my best friends and I talked about animals, games, make believe stuff, and school. I can’t believe there are two little boys already trying to put together a business plan. Not only that but that my son would trade a good wage for job security.


I kind of felt guilty at that point. I mean I know I probably shouldn’t. One dollar is still a fortune in my son’s mind so he probably didn’t understand the horrible deal that was being offered him. The thing is that I kept wondering how much my not having a job was bothering him.


There isn’t much more I can do to fix it. With summer coming around it’s going to be even tougher to get interviews scheduled around when someone can watch him. I am determined though and I will get a job. Its out there somewhere for me. I just got to keep looking. In the meantime I suppose I should just enjoy the kids entrepreneurial spirit as misguided as it is at this point.



7 thoughts on ““I Won’t Fire Anybody”

  1. LOL – that is a very fun convo the boys had. Have you thought about starting your own company? (even introverts can do it) 😉 I have a friend who is super introvert and she is a beautiful fictional author… just a thought. 😉
    wishing you the best!

  2. I was wondering, have you thought about talking openly and honestly with your son about your job situation, explaining him some of the difficulties you meet for the moment, but also the hopes you have for the future? Having him involved (as a partner) would hopefully make him feel in control as well, would diminish his fear/ anxiety regarding this situation and make your relationship even stronger. Let me know what you think. 🙂 All the best! Anca

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