Memorial Day

Being a parent leaves you with the responsibility to teach your children about everything. Today I took my son aside and I told him what Memorial Day was about. This post is in honor of those who died to defend this country and our freedoms. It is in memory of those families who are missing a loved one who paid the ultimate sacrifice for all Americans. I want to say that even though my son is happy he has an extra day off of school, that we have taken the time to say thank you.

Thank you to the soldiers, the mothers,the fathers, the siblings, the children, the spouses,  of those soldiers, who gave up so much.


5 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I agree it is important to teach our kiddies about this. In Australia it is called ANZAC day and this year I too my son to the march. Even though he isn’t even 2 I don’t think it’s too early to start. For him I want it to be something we do together every year. We talk about my grandfather and what it meant to him and we honour all those involved.

  2. Remberecnce Sunday in uk is closes to 11th day 11month at 11. As it was 11.11 at 11.11 o’clock the end of war Second World War on the date if its not a Sunday there is still a silence at 11.11 in schools and offices and some people even pull over to rember those lost. On the Sunday there’s paradise and poppies are sold for money to be given to those who have been in army ect. To help them we should have a lot more pride but not enough of my gena ration grow up learning to respect the armed forces. Now they are not learning to respect those that have have not only thought for England and also helped those who arE unable to help save them selfs . Love your blog
    Keep up writing and the pride

    • That’s quite interesting that’s you only have rememberance day in the UK. We have that’s too and do the whole 11/11 thing but ANZAC day is a public holiday where we have the marches and dawn services around the country to truly honour our armed forces.

      • Nope we only have rememberence day but over here there very little respect for a armed forces look at poor lad that got killed for wearing help Heroes T-shirt no big up roar. It is a huge disrespect in my eyes that there is not more. As daughter of an ex services man I am one for telling the next generation about what are services men have done. Iv got a brother in law that is a para and Iv been there watching tv waiting for news that he ok. When I was a child my dad was in army he did 22years so Iv been child waiting at home and now the sister.

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