Angry Wesley Isn’t Allowed Here

My son goes through phases of being very quick to anger. He started going through one of these phases again recently and I got very frustrated trying to redirect him. Then I remembered the one thing that worked about a year ago. I can’t believe I forgot it, since it made everyone so much happier, him included. So even though I don’t have any expertise on the matter, I thought I might share with you what I did and how I got to that point.

Wesley had been angry for weeks. It came from a multitude of things, and they were all out of my control. I was beginning to lose it. I would tell him to stop doing something and he would lash out at me. I would try and get him to go to school and he would run away across neighbor’s yards. I was being run ragged and was losing my sanity.

It came to a point where we were eating dinner. I should say I was pleading with him to eat since he decided he wasn’t going to eat what everyone else was eating. Now I am not one of those moms who will fix a separate supper for my kid. Nor will I force him to finish his food. The thing is he was hungry I knew he was saying it, he was just throwing another fit.

Not going to eat

I really don’t know how sound this idea is, since I think I was having a mental breakdown at the time. I put my head in my hands and instead of tears, I started laughing. My son looked at me confused. I had an idea, I knew it was crazy but it just might work. I got up, walked behind my son, grabbed his shoulders, and yanked. What I yanked no one could see but I said very loudly,” Angry Wesley your coming with me.” I looked at the invisible space in the air between my arms. I then Looked at my son and said, Wesley come with me I need your help. We walked together to the front door I took a step outside and kicked the empty space between my hands as if it were a football. I shouted very loudly “Angry Wesley You are not allowed in this house. Get out and stay out!” and slammed the door behind me. I looked at my very confused son and told him.” Wesley tell all of Angry Wesley’s friends they are no longer welcomed here, you know Disrespectful Wesley, and Fussy Wesley.”

and stay out

Then we laughed. We laughed so hard we cried. Then we ate dinner. I was in heaven. He didn’t fuss he didn’t argue. He took it literal that I had really banished Angry Wesley from the house. Β  Now of course those characters still showed themselves a few times in the following weeks, but I think that was the best few weeks my son and I had together. In fact he was so well behaved I completely forgot how we got to such an understanding. Now that I remember I am kicking Angry Wesley out the house again if he dares to show himself. Lets hope it works out like it did the first time.


13 thoughts on “Angry Wesley Isn’t Allowed Here

  1. LOVE this! My niece has my temper, God bless her, and is three. She pitches a fit and threatens to go home (we live and work on the same farm together and I can always see her house from where I am). We now look at her and say, “fine…go on home, I’m fine with that” Then she’ll look at the house, way far away to a three year old, and mumbles “nevermind” and stomps off.

  2. Hilarious! A sense of humour is the best parenting tool in the box! That reminds me of a trick I have used. Grab the remote control and while pointing it at your kid to “switch channels”. You can switch from the angry channel, cranky channel, whinny channel, etc to the…happy channel! It usually turned things around in my house πŸ™‚

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