My son likes most bugs. Heck due to my Mom most bugs don’t bother me either. I have however noticed something funny about my son though. He either likes the bugs or is completely and utterly terrified

I’ll start with butterflies. Now there is nothing terrifying about these pretty little bugs, they float harmlessly everywhere. Imagine my confusion when my son at 3 years old would run screaming the most high pitched wail of terror across the yard if a little butterfly flew buy. He grew out of that and quickly thankfully.


Now imagine the fact that at the same age he told me about his pet spider who lived in his room. I never bought him a pet spider. He stated that his pet would come out at night, and play with him, and tickle him. I saw a spider bite and subsequently went on a search and destroy mission through his room. Dead spider. He still likes spiders but knows not to play with them now.


Right now I can shorten the list to bugs my son is frightened of to one thing; anything with a stinger. If there is one bee or wasp anywhere in our yard my son is inside cowering. He doesn’t seem to pick up my whole philosophy of leave them alone and they will go on their way. Oh no they are after him. This puzzles me because he has never been stung before. It’s a little frustrating with the warmer weather because the pollinators are out and I want him to go outside and play. In his mind these two things just don’t mix.

stinging bugs

I really hope he gets over his fear soon or summer is going to be very boring and the two of us will look pasty and sickly by the end of it. Do any of your kids get these outrageous reactions to bugs, or is my son the only one?


4 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. my 2 year old is weird. She looks like she is scared of bugs and would scream if they go anywhere near her but she would slowly inch towards them to get a closer look after a while. talk about facing your fears huh 🙂

  2. I don’t have any kids but I’m terrified of grasshoppers lol. Also my boyfriends nephew is terrified of ladybugs. ‘I don’t Ike dem’ lol. He thinks their going to bite him lol 😛

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