5 More Days

Its almost here. Summer time has crept up on me and as its about to pounce I am woefully unprepared. Its not a lack of activities, I have been putting those together for about a month. Its the switch my son makes once school is almost out.

  1. First comes stage one.It last from about the last week of school through the first week of summer. He is a super charged ball of energy. He goes though emotions like me when my dear Aunt Flo comes to visit. He loses all control over the volume of sounds coming out of his mouth. If I ask him to do anything I am told how mean and nasty I am, just the worst mother in the world. 
  2. Stage two slowly starts to appear. It is by far my Favorite stage.He has slowed down. He is happy, He realizes I am finding fun activities for him to do that he can’t do during the school season. We are friends again and play and laugh together. I usually get some great artwork, pictures to keep during this time. 
  3. Stage three hits unexpectedly. If I am lucky I will get two weeks of stage two. It changes to stage three as soon as my son gets bored playing with grownups. We don’t have any kids his age in the neighborhood. I am constantly told I am bored. He wants to be somewhere there are other kids. Now I take him to the park and indoor playgrounds, however The park equipment gets to hot to go on after 11 am and the indoor playground cost money. That’s a big problem when you don’t have a job. I can only get so much gas money to take him there and so much money to pay the cost for all summer by his grandmother who gets tired of hearing I’m bored too. So for the majority of the summer I get told I am boring because I am not a kid no matter how much I try to play and come up with games. This is the stage that lasts the longest. almost the entire summer.
  4. Stage four is a bittersweet stage for me. it comes the last two weeks of summer. My son throws himself into enjoying summer with me, after he realizes he missed out on so much fun being bored. He also gets excited to go get school supplies and happy he will have friends he can see everyday. Its happy for me because he is happy again, its sad because I know most of it is because he will be around kids again soon.

Through all of this I have hope though, this is only his third summer break it could be different. Plus if there is some good news today in about a month he could be able to go play with cousins his age almost all summer. I just have to face it though, my son should not be an only child. I never wanted him to be. Summer just brings the realization out and also makes me acknowledge the fact that I am no where near a position to change that fact.

So I am going to start mentally preparing myself for summer today. Going to try and squeeze every last drop of fun and good time out of it. I am also really going to try and come up with some spectacular traditions that might make me seem fun in my sons eyes. This is the summer I will beat   those stages into one long happy time. Wish me luck and good luck with you summer! 





4 thoughts on “5 More Days

  1. If it makes you feel any better, kids will be bored regardless of what you do. I have 4 kids, and they constantly say they’re bored. I have even choreographed fun, obnoxious music videos for them, and directly after….they’re bored:)…. Good luck!

  2. I have four girls; 15, 8, 6, 4. The three little ones have been doing exactly what you described. I have since come up with cheap or free science experiments, crafts, and the most promising; gardening. They love to water and pull weeds. The only problem is the heat. Most of the day is unbearable. Despite those activities, they still get bored. Feeling your pain.

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