Sorry for not posting for a while guys, I’ve been unbelievably busy.  Had family in town, last few days of school and I finally have a job! So I am back on my regular posting schedule this one will be a bit different but the following ones will be back to normal Friday.

My son has gone to his Dad’s house and he is going to be a little upset with me when he gets back. We rescued a turtle from our back yard the other day and my son Wanted to keep it. I am going to use this as a lesson in preserving wildlife, but I had to let the poor thing go today. She had a shell injury so I kept her overnight to make sure it was an old one as it appeared and she didn’t need to go to a wildlife sanctuary to be taken care of but she seemed fine.



We believe it is a diamond back terrapin and Wesley named her Cookie. She was probably looking for a place to lay eggs. She was really happy to be set free and not trapped by our fence when I let her go.(still not sure how she got in our backyard)


She is free now and I am sure Wesley is going to pout that his Cookie is gone. Hopefully this picture of her enjoying her freedom will be some compensation to not being able to keep her. Probably not though.

These poor turtles face so many problems from humans though. Pollution and destruction of their habitat, when they make their way on land they face cars, dogs, and humans who capture and keep them as pets. I hope for the best for Cookie. That maybe by helping her escape the fence I may have made a small difference for this turtle.

For more information on turtles in Georgia you can look at this website I used to identify her.



2 thoughts on “Cookie

  1. I’ve been a tortoise keeper since February and I have to admit that you do grow rather attached to the little buggers. Agree with you 100% on turning her loose. Wild turtles have enough going against them without people snagging them for pets, too. When the time comes, maybe your son can find a nice tort or turtle to rescue. Craigslist often has both the aquatic and terrestrial varieties listed by people trying to get rid of them. Some of them require very specialized care, so they’re not quite as low maintenance as people think.

  2. Sometimes kids need things to be a fait accompli, and then they accept it. Our birds flew away when the cage snagged on the door jamb and fell apart. My son later was writing on a poster at school, numbers with meaning for him – age – 9, siblings – 2, etc. He wrote birds – 0. 😦 I told the kids they are now living on a beach in Puerto Rico, sipping fruit juice and getting morning massages from the other birds. Hey, they can’t disprove it!

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