Why Can’t I Sleep?

Since summer has gotten here my son is under the impression it seems that no one needs to sleep. Its okay for him because he gets a few hours under his belt before he wakes up and decides its time for morning even though its only somewhere between 11pm and 1am. I think he is making me lose my mind.


I have to stop the madness. The worst part is that he gets tired and falls back asleep around 3am. Me it takes about another hour to relax enough to sleep. It is starting to feel like my son is trying to torture me. I mean they use sleep deprivation to torture people right?

I think I may have to duck tape him in bed if this does not improve soon.


Okay so the wouldn’t really happen, but the idea that I might get some sleep does make it look more appealing than it usually would. Going to keep my fingers crossed that this strange phase passes and quickly, before the put me in an I love me jacket. Although I could probably get some sleep in a nice soft padded room.

Going to try and get some sleep, if there are any errors in this post I apologize I am not really all here right now. With any hope I will sleep though the night tonight and feel more like myself again.     


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