I’m Mean Apparently

My son has decided he doesn’t want to hear the word no today. Of course everything he wants to do suddenly becomes something he isn’t supposed to do. 

“no Wesley you can’t have candy for breakfast.”

“no Wesley you can’t jump off the furniture.”

“no we can’t tell your best friend he can’t come over Mommy already promised to babysit so you can spend time together.”

and so on and so forth. My has decided I am mean and nasty and the worst Mom alive for doing this. Luckily he is happy with his friend being over now or that would have made for a really tough day. The good news is that now that my son has someone to occupy his time besides me I can have some alone time. They are happily playing with Legos and I am sitting here catching up on posting and listening to the storm rage outside. If making my son happy while also getting some time to myself is mean then I’ll be mean. 



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