Posting Cause I’m Bored

So my son has somehow managed to find a way to unlock my bedroom door. That or its malfunctioning in some way. Last night I thought I might have gotten up and unlocked it while half asleep but two nights in a row, well it starts to seem a little fishy then.

This morning I got up early to find my son pinning me to the bed. I somehow managed to slip out underneath him without waking him up. After spending about an hour waking up and getting my stuff ready he starts to stir so I tell him good morning. My son has the nerve to so sweetly and innocently say I am going back to bed I didn’t get enough sleep. 

Okay so on a day I have to get up early you choose to sleep more than usual. Not on one of the nights you kept mommy up all night not on one of the nights you practically kick mommy out the bed but on a day when mommy has to get ready to work.

I think I have this figured out. My son wants my bed all to himself. If he can’t have the bed because I am trying to occupy it then he has to wake me up so no one has the bed. There really isn’t much difference except for who owns the bed.

I want my bed back and I want a full nights sleep to be the rule not the exception. I know that this probably won’t happen till my son is a teenager , however I will not give up hope for finding a solution. I like my sleep.

This post was brought to you by a tired and impatient Mother waiting to go to work.  


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