He’s Sick

Wesley doesn’t get sick very often. I should have realized something was wrong when I came home from work yesterday and my son was saying he was tired and wanted to go to bed.(he hates sleeping.) So today he has been running a low grade fever and being very, very lazy.

I don’t like this. My son is ADHD, so even though he is on medication he is still really energetic. I don’t mind this, at least as long as together we can find something for him to do with that energy that’s non-destructive. he has lain on the couch almost all day. It makes me so sad. I just want my happy little boy back.



He has shown some improvement and his fever is gone tonight. Right now I am listening to him sing to himself while he gets ready for bed. With any luck he will be back to normal and bouncing off the walls when he wakes up.


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