The Headache

My son was gone at his Dads for visitation for two days. I missed him so much. I hate when his dad misses a week and then gets him for more than a day cause I feel so lost without my little boy. Well I was working today and Wesley got dropped off with my Mom while I finished working. We had storms systems moving in and the change in pressure was giving me a terrible headache. I pushed through though. Unfortunately when I got home I guess I wasn’t showing my happiness to have my son home as much as I was actually feeling it. Wesley got mad at me. He stayed mad until he fell asleep. This has left me feeling very upset. I have to work a long day tomorrow and I know he will be upset that I won’t get to spend the day with him. I hate headaches, they make the important things in life so hard to connect with the way you want to. So this post is for my son to read tomorrow and to my body.(no headache tomorrow body we are going to spend a fun evening with Wesley when we get home.) I love you Wesley and I have missed you terribly while you have been gone. Here is a picture I drew for you.  


Hope you like it! 


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